Initial Consultation

Anthony R. Segura is a Fort Bend criminal defense lawyer helping those who has been charged with committing a crime.

Close-up image of real estate agent and his client shaking hands
Close-up image of real estate agent and his client shaking hands

Whether you are facing license suspension due to a DWI charge, were arrested for shoplifting, or have been accused of a white-collar crime, we can provide the defense that you need. If you decide to retain our firm, you will have a legal advocate who is prepared to fight for your rights and defend you in court.

Comprehensive and Aggressive Criminal Defense

Our approach to legal defense includes:

Conducting our own investigation into the events of the alleged crime, including review of police reports, videotape and eyewitness accounts.

We will attend all interviews, hearings and appearances with you, and you will never have to discuss your case with law enforcement or prosecutors on your own.

Communicating with prosecutors about potential plea bargains or dismissal of charges, and then advising you on your options and potential outcomes.

Assembling your defense for trial, and preparing all possible means to exonerate you, such as lack of evidence to support the charge, improper police procedures and the prosecution’s failure to meet the burden of proof for guilt.

Anthony R. Segura: Fort Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

As your attorney, we will force the prosecution to meet the high legal standards for a criminal conviction, and we will not allow any tactics of intimidation to influence your choices. If you were arrested and charged with a crime you have rights, and we will make sure that those rights are respected at every stage. Please contact us immediately for your free consultation.