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  • Drunk Driving

    You should never face a DWI charge on your own. We urge you to contact our firm so that we can formulate a comprehensive defense. Anthony R. Segura is trained in field sobriety tests, giving him the background to effectively challenge police practices and conclusions.

  • Criminal Defense

    If you have been accused of any crime, it is essential to have an attorney who is willing to listen to your side of the story. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your right to due process and a fair hearing, and we will make every effort to defend you.

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When your freedom and reputation are at stake, you need an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf.

Anthony R. Segura: Experienced Fort Bend County DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Segura_8167_web_color_reverseAnthony R. Segura is an experienced Sugar Land criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights and liberty of citizens who have been accused of a criminal offense.  We understand the impact a criminal investigation can have on your everyday life.  You do not have to face criminal charges alone.  We are ready to present your defense. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is essential to have skilled legal defense right away before your rights have been compromised.  Regardless of the accusations, we will advocate for your freedom and reputation, and not allow unfounded allegations to continue unchallenged. As a long time Sugar Land criminal defense attorney, Anthony R. Segura has the background and knowledge to fight any criminal charge on your behalf.  Do not delay in contacting us for a free consultation.

Exceptional Results

"Mr. Segura saved my future in many ways...I was facing a felony charge that would have changed my life forever....He is a wonderful attorney that is honest and will tell you from day one that he can't make you any promises....but he will fight for you until the end. If you are looking for an attorney with empathy, he is not that person, but he will work to get the best possible outcome he can. I would recommend Mr. Segura to anyone facing a DWI charge in Fort Bend County. Thank you Mr. Segura....I am very pleased with how you handled my case."
Saved my Future
"I appreciate honesty. Mr. Segura never exaggerated or hid the possible outcomes of the case. He was very straight forward on the process from initial stages through the jury trial. I would definitely recommend him to my closest friends and family."
Experienced and Honest
"I said to him during my trial when I was in doubt that "we'll need to use some of his magic." He said to me "there's no magic." So I watched and listened to him perform and he was right. There was no magic. It was all SKILL."
All Skill
"Mr Segura is a great lawyer. Got my 2nd DWI charge dropped. He's great I would recommend him 100%." [Client stopped for speeding then admitted to "12 beers". Performed poorly on sobriety tests and declined to provide a breath sample.]
Great Lawyer
Steven Rangel
"Mr. Segura kept me informed on my case and always stayed in contact. Mr. Segura helped me each step of the way until my charges were dropped against me! If I or anybody I cared about needed great professional help Mr. Anthony Segura would be my first and only recommendation! I was extremely satisfied. Thank you and God bless!" [Client stopped for minor traffic violation, acknowledged consumption of alcohol. Failed all sobriety tests.]
Highly Recommended
"He handled my case with professionalism and demonstrated a strong knowledge of the law and process. I highly recommend him to handle your case."
"...The courtroom is a pretty scary place especially if you are the accused. When weights of DWI legal 'evidence' is stacked against you, you need the best legal assistance you can get. Believe me, you need Anthony Segura."
He had my back, big time.
"Anthony truly does, "go above and beyond" for his clients, and for this, Anthony, I am truly grateful."
"We spoke to three different attorneys and chose Mr Segura. We were impressed from the first time we spoke to him and more impressed when we met with him in person. Mr Segura worked with us for almost a year on this case and his professionalism was second to none. I have referred him to a couple of other folks. This guy is first rate."
This guy is first rate
"Anthony Segura is an outstanding attorney and exceeded my expectations in every way. He took the time to listen to the facts and studied up on what actually transpired. Along the way, he continually communicated with me and was always a reassuring. In my opinion, all attorneys are not created equal. If you want to hire the best - hire Anthony Segura. I'm glad I did!"
High Praise For an Outstanding Attorney
"Mr Segura is a very professional person. I am very happy with the outcome i will recommend him to any persons needing his services"
Luis D. A.
"I appreciate the work he did, Mr. Segura is an honest lawyer and an honest man. I recommend him to anyone."
"From the first time we spoke, I knew he had an honest spirit about him, and no matter what, I wanted him to represent me."
"Mr. Segura is a true professional. He handled my case with diligence and brought my difficult trial case to the best outcome I could have hoped for. I believe his demeanor and tenacity in the courtroom played a major role in how the case was resolved. Mr. Segura's guidance was invaluable to me during the entire process and he always made me feel involved and comfortable with the path we chose to travel. I would definitely recommend Mr. Segura to any friends, family, or anyone else in need of his expertise."
Excellent Lawyer
"Mr. Segura (Anthony), is a very solid and knowledgeable lawyer ... After the preliminary evaluation of my case, he was able to give me a very realistic summary of my best legal options, in order for me to make the best legal decision to resolve my case. Anthony did properly inform me of the progress of my case, helping me to stay positive and comfortable during the process. Thanks again Anthony for your excellent legal support ..."
Outstanding and very professional Lawyer
Anthony not only got my case dismissed, the entire time I also never once got my license suspended! He was incredibly clear and honest about everything that was going on. He did not make any false promises and is incredibly trustworthy. I would recommend Anthony and his fellow associates because with them in your corner you can give yourself peace of mind and you will be receiving top notch quality you can trust!! Thank you once again Anthony!! [Client stopped for speeding. Odor of alcohol, unsteady on feet, needed to brace self against vehicle for support. Failed field sobriety tests and refused to take a breath test.]
Amazing!! Let Anthony handle it!!
"Anthony was a tremendous help when I needed a lawyer. He provided me with the guidance I needed throughout the entire process. He truly had a genuine concern for my needs, and I appreciated that. His knowledge & professionalism are a true reflection of his dedication to helping others."
Tremendous Help
"Anthony is such a brilliant man and a caring attorney, I could not have DREAMED for better!"
Unreal what Anthony has done for me
"Mr. Segura was very professional and responsive to my needs from the initial consultation. Mr. Segura dealt with my charge very diligently and explained what to expect. I would definitely recommend his services to friends, family, and anyone else in need of a knowledgeable and dependable attorney."
Anthony Segura
"Throughout the entire process Mr. Segura kept me updated and he told me everything straight up without any BS. He's always going to give you counsel and say what he would do. It's up to you to make the decision, but he's going to give you the best advice he can."
Great No BS Lawyer
"Anthony was extremely professional. He kept me informed giving me all my options. He gave me his honest opinion and advise me the best way to handle my case. I would recommend him hands down to friends and family."
Good Lawyer
"This was my first, hopefully my last DUI. Anthony was fabulous! He didn't sugarcoat anything but gave me hope and support the whole way through. Returned my emails and answered questions within 24hrs anytime I had them. In the end he got the case dismissed! Highly Recommended." [After involvement in bar altercation, Client refused to stop as officer stood in roadway. Failed field sobriety tests and refused to provide a specimen of breath or blood.]
No Question, Call if you get DUI
"I had a DWI misdemeanor on my back and I had so many sleepless nights over it and I honestly thought I had no chance to get dismissed, let alone getting a reduced charged. But Mr. Segura ... got my case dismissed! He's very personable yet professional which is what you want in a lawyer." [Client ran red light almost colliding with cop. Admitted drinking. Failed all field sobriety tests.]
Case Dismissed
DUI client
"Mr. Segura kept me feeling confident that my odds were good and he was right. I felt complete trust in his experience and knowledge on the law, as well as my rights. He was truly a God Send. My prayers were answered ... I highly recommend Mr. Anthony R. Segura!"
A God Send
"I can not explain how helpful he is and he never gives up on you! He keeps you informed and gets the job done quickly! I was told by other lawyers that Segura was one of the best so I went with my gut feeling and they were right. I would seriously advise anyone going through any legal troubles to please give him a call cause it's not to late! Thanks Anthony for fighting till the end! God bless!"
Thanks for fighting till the end!
"... I can't thank Anthony enough. A great person and superior defense attorney. I recommend him without reservation."
Thank You
Laureen Ford
"My experience with Anthony was very long but very well worth it. Anthony convinced me that I have a great chance to fight the case by letting a jury hear my case. I was reluctant at first ... Turns out the jury's verdict was NOT GUILTY. My advice is trust whatever he has to tell you and do not give up on him because he certainly will not give up until his client is satisfied." [Weaving, odor of alcohol, stumbled out of vehicle, failed sobriety tests and refused breath test.]
Won't Give Up Until Client Satisfied
"Mr. Segura is the attorney I would recommend to anyone who needs good criminal defense."
Excellent Attorney
"Mr Segura was on top of things from day one. He was prompted about getting the ball rolling in every direction needed. Not once in the almost year long experience did I ever worry about or doubt his ability to do what he said he would..."
On Top of Things from Day One
"Mr. Segura and I had the pleasure of meeting after an unfortunate event in my life. After the initial shock was over Mr. Segura went out of his way to keep me informed and made me feel like I was his only client. My case is now settled and I could not be happier with the outcome. I will recommend him to all my family and friends from now on, for any legal advice. He is a wonderful lawyer and a great guy!"
Amazing Lawyer, Great Guy!!!